Fotoutställning: Back to Nature

Fotoutsällning i The Gallery: Back to Nature av Joakim Blomquist

8 december 2016 – 8 januari 2017

Utställning med foto från naturen som du aldrig sett dem förut. Torsdag den 8 december är Joakim på plats i The Gallery och vi inviger utställningen från 18.00.
Välkommen att njuta av fantastiska foton!


Back to Nature

Man has always had a fascination with animals and nature. We have on the one hand, respect for the forces of nature and the animals survival, understanding that we should live in symbiosis, but at the same time, we want to take power over them, control them. We take home the wild nature, without having to be confronted with its danger. We confine and control. What gives us the right to shoot animals? What is the point of stopping the animals and lock them into filing cabinets, place them in artificial environments or hang them on the wall as trophies? Not infrequently endangered animals.

I was thinking about these issues and decided to release the animals back in their right element. Leave it for a few hours. He rented stuffed animals and took them out again, out into nature and freedom. In Joakim Blomqvist pictures, animals are given life again, in its natural environment, where they came from. There they stand, together, with unexpected company. Perhaps as a necessary wake-up call. The result is a humorous comment with a serious undertone to our relationship with nature and the ignorance of how important nature is to our and the planet’s survival. But now, the birds, the fox and the hare is back in their display cases and cabinets again.

Where they do not belong.

Joakim Blomquist

Joakim Blomquist was born in Zurich but grew up in Gothenburg, Sweden. He currently works as a photographer and Creative Director in Gothenburg, Sweden. He has a Bachelor’s degree from the School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg and has studied Graphic Design at Camberwell College of Arts in London. Joakim has been photographing all his life but has developed his photographic expression the last five years.

Previous exhibitions:
2013 ”Promenade” at Naugallery, Stockholm, Sweden
2014 ”Back to Nature” at Galleri Nils Åberg, Gothenburg, Sweden
2016 ”Take-Off” at Dusty Deco, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 Mixed works at Vallgatan 12, Gothenburg, Sweden
2016 “Back to Back”, Auktionsverket kulturarena. A photographic battle between me and Marko Vesterinen. I showed the “Off-Season” series. Take a look at the result here.
2016 “Off-season”, Champagnebaren Forssén och Öberg.


Joakim Blomquist
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