Hello Children!

Welcome to our very own page!
We are Egon, Trippelina and Gustav, and we live on the roof of the hotel where there is a cabin that’s so secret, nobody can see it… There’s a magical view over Gothenburg from our little cabin.

It would be such fun if you could come to visit! If you haven’t booked a hotel in Gothenburg already, tell mum and dad you want to stay at Gothia Towers. All the decisions in a family ought to be made according to the same rule – children get to decide! We think that’s the right way! And we think that should also be the case when you are choosing a hotel!

In our house (in the hotel lobby) we have Kidz Corners where  you can play or just relax.

Egon, Trippelina & Gustaf

When we’re not at home in our little house on the roof, we have fun, playing around in the hotel. We sometimes get up to mischief, moving things around on our hotel manager’s desk. She goes mad, wondering who keeps doing it and we don’t let on of course. But she really likes us – we are her own mascots. Her name is Elisabeth and actually, she’s an awesome manager –we love to have fun and games with her!

Sometimes we’ll appear in the lift too but the reception staff say we’re not allowed to get up to mischief there. But we are allowed to take the lift if we have a grown-up with us – ooh, even that feels a bit mischievous and you get butterflies in your tummy!

Three siblings – soon four?

There are three of us in our family and Gustav is the youngest. Our biggest wish is to have another sibling so then the four of us can have fun together. Maybe that will happen one day – if you wish hard enough for something, it can come true! You must always believe that.

When we eat dinner, we always eat something nice from one of the hotel restaurants – there are several to choose from. The chefs make such great food that it’s hard to choose what to have. Sometimes we get ice cream after dinner – we love that!


Gothenburg for kids

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