Go to Sea – a tribute to the sea, 23-27 February 2016

February 23–27 it’s time to celebrate the ocean again. Try some truly excellent food

from the sea when Gothenburg’s chefs will do everything to impress you with their cooking. In the pop-up restaurants, known as soup containers, you can have piping hot fish soup and several  restaurants will have special Go to Sea menus with focus on fish and shellfish. Bring your family and friends and enjoy all the activities around town, everything from workshops to food walks.

Go to Sea is a tribute to the sea but also a part of Gothenburg’s 400th anniversary in 2021. The  citizens have made their voices heard on how they would like to see the city develop, and one  of the most frequent suggestions is to get closer to water.

During Go To Sea our restaurants Heaven 23, Incontro and West Coast serve special Go To Sea menus. Book a table >>

Go to Sea is an example of what is done to make the citizens’ ideas come true.

Read more about Go To Sea: gotoseagoteborg.com