A smallplate menu

Mingling with food in bite-sized form is a delightful way to socialise. Head chef Johan Lilja and sommelier Emma Ziemann have assembled the perfect small-plate menu.

Option 1

Potato pancake with roe
Potato pancake with sourdough, Vendace roe from Lake Vänern, strained sour cream and horseradish. Johan: “A Swedish potato pancake with a new twist. Sourdough and potato are a lovely combination and they also pair together really beautifully with the acidity of the sour cream. The vendace roe is from smallscale vendace fishing in Lake Vänern.”
Recipe below.

Perfect together with

Lager & vodka 
Emma: “Vodka has more flavour nuances than people think; a malt or potato vodka has a more oily mouth feel that will enhance the delicate flavour of the vendace roe without overpowering it. The beer shouldn’t be too bitter to avoid competing with the heat from the horseradish, but should preferably have a fresh acidity that can balance out the sour cream and offer an exciting contrast to the potato pancake.”

Option 2

Squid in cabbage
Swedish squid in cabbage, fried flaxseed, fried lacinato kale and reduced pickle juice. Johan: “Unfortunately, you don’t see Swedish squid at restaurants very often, but it has a delicious flavour and is caught here on the west coast, usually as a by-catch.”

Perfect together with

Light, fresh white wine
Emma: “The dish has a nice balance of sweetness, acidity and umami. Look for a white wine with no oaky character, with a bright fruitiness and acidity that can match the accompaniments without diverting the spotlight from the octopus.”

Option 3

Chicken sandwich
Chicken steak from Mowitz, chicken liver terrine and pickled cucumber on rye bread. Johan: “The chicken sandwich is a classic that has been here on the West Coast from the start. The chicken is from a local producer in Trollhättan.”

Perfect together with

Elegant red wine 
Emma: “A light red wine with a fresh acidity can take on the fat in the dish and balance out the pickles. A light oakiness and mature character can provide both spicy and smoky notes, which will be a delicious complement to the nuttiness of the bread.”

Option 4

Swedish charcuterie
Air-dried topside, air-dried pork loin, ham hock terrine and 24-month-old grevé cheese. Johan: “We only use Swedish charcuterie products, because there’s such incredibly good charcuterie here.”

Perfect together with

Champagne & dry sherry
Emma: “A dry sherry will enhance certain flavours, especially umami-rich foods like charcuterie and aged cheese. Champagne, preferably ripe and with a more full-bodied profile, pairs beautifully with the fat and salt in the cheese, charcuterie and terrine, while the wine, with its brisk acidity, enhances the freshness of these appetizers.”

Johan Lilja Emma Ziemann

Johan Lilja

Age: 35 years old.
Job: Head chef at West Coast at Gothia Towers.
Background: Previously worked at Familjen and Peacock in Gothenburg. Has also worked seasonally in Åre and Storlien.
Favourite finger foods: Cheese, charcuterie and pickled vegetables.
Favourite drink: Beer.

Emma Ziemann

Age: 28 years old.
Job: Sommelier at Upper House Dining.
Background: Several years of experience in the restaurant and service industry. Won the Lily Bollinger Award and thus the title of Sweden’s best female sommelier in 2016.
Favourite finger foods: Gruyère, dill chips, vendace roe, truffle salami and smoked shrimp.
Favourite drink: Depends on my mood, but champagne always hits the spot.


Potato pancake with Vendace roe

Potato pancake with sourdough, Vendace roe from Lake Vänern, strained sour cream and horseradish

100 g Vendace roe from Lake Vänern or another high-quality vendace roe
2 dl sourdough starter (buy in stores if you do not have your own)
2 tbsp. flour
2–3 large, firm potatoes
2 dl sour cream
0.5 dl red wine vinegar
1 dl sugar
1 dl water
1 red onion
1 lemon
oil for frying

Pour the sour cream into a coffee filter and place in a bowl. Put the bowl in the refrigerator and let drain for about 12 hours, until firm.
Grate the horseradish and mix with the sour cream to suit your taste.
Bring the red wine vinegar, sugar and water to a boil. Peel the onion and cut into rings. Pour the vinegar mixture over the onion and place in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours.
Grate the potato on a grater. Combine with flour and sourdough, a little at a time, so that the batter does not become too runny.
Heat the oil to about 180 degrees. Carefully drop in small potato batter balls and fry until golden brown. Let the balls drain on paper and season with salt.
Serve with the sour cream, red onion and a dollop of vendace roe. Garnish with a sprig of dill.