How do I make my order?

Fill in and send via email the order form to the address below.

Make sure to indicate the stand number, date of delivery, the number of products you want and the time you want them delivered at. Equipments such as draft systems, coffee machines, bake-off ovens,… must be booked through telephone or email.

Telephone number: +46 (0)31 708 85 05 E-mail:

Can I get an invoice?

Of course! The easiest way is to co-bill catering with your stand. If you desire a separate invoice, we need your billing address and registration number.

Can you deliver our order before the fair opens?


Can we make an order first-hand?

Of course, you can call us, e-mail us or make an order at the Service Centre. TIP: make a basic order before arrival just to make sure that the item is in stock and ask us to deliver it at a specific time. Complete it first-hand and be aware that high demand products may run out of stock and waiting time may vary.

What is your cancellation policy?

Clients that cancel food and beverage orders later than 3 days before the delivery date are charged with 50% of the total.
Clients that cancel equipment orders later than 14 days before the delivery date are charged with 50% of the total.

Should we order electricity for our equipment?

Yes, all our coffee machines, refrigerators and beer equipments require electricity. To order electricity, contact the fair service at

Can we book crockery, glassware and cutlery as well?

Yes, you can book crockery and glassware as well as our staff.
We sell also disposable material such as plates, cutlery, glasses, etc.

Can we give back the leftover material?

We supply primarily disposable material to the fair. These will be tossed in the nearest dustbin. We collect Thermos at the end of every day or by appointment.

Can we return the unopened goods after the fair?

Yes, we take back full boxes/ crates of beverage (not milk) that weren’t mixed and unopened packages of dry goods and disposable material. You aren’t allowed to return special ordered goods.

Call us to determine the time: +46 (0)31 708 85 08.

Fee charged for empty goods non returned. All the other products are the buyer’s responsibility.

What about serving alcohol at the fair?

The Swedish Fair / Gothia Towers has the same license as resort’s restaurant, lobbies and congress premises. This means that you, as an exhibitor, must order via the catering if you want to serve alcohol at your fair. According to the alcohol law, only the waiting staff can serve alcohol beverages. You aren’t allowed to bring neither alcohol nor serving staff. Waiting staff will serve alcohol only after 11am.

If you have any question, call us: +46 (0)31-708 85 05.

Can we hire tableware or a barman?

Yes, but orders must be made no later than 2 weeks before the day of the event. Small charge of 3 hours per person hired. We usually need one hour to set up the stand before the event and 30 minutes after to clean everything up.

Simple and easy with food tickets.

If you want to offer food to all of your staff, you can easily do so, using lunch tickets.
The tickets can be bought before the fair or at our Service Centre on-site.

Subject to final sale and price changes.