Draft beer

Draught beer equipment incl. installation and 2 barrels of beer 3.5% SEK 4,775
Draught beer equipment incl. installation and 2 barrels of beer 4.2% only with our staff* SEK 4,775
Draught beer equipment incl. installation and 2 barrels of beer 5.3% only with our staff* SEK 4,775

Medium strength beer barrel 3.5%, 30 l SEK 1,945
Strong beer barrel 5.0 % 30 l only with our staff* SEK 2,065
Medium strength beer barrel 4.2 % 30 l only with our staff* SEK 2,045
Beer glass, plastic 40 cl, 75 SEK 139
Beer glass, plastic 25 cl, 80 SEK 119

Hot dog cart SEK 1,395

Black-painted wood with two serving sections – one for sausages, and one for rolls.
Dimensions: H 125 cm, W 122 cm, D 60 cm.
Price includes tongs and hot dog holder.

Remember to order power where your cart will be. Connect to 220 V, power 1,000 W.

Hot dog in a roll SEK 16

Price includes hot dog wrappers and serviettes

Ice cream freezer Price as per quotation

Ice cream freezer with room for 8 x 5 litre ice cream containers.
Ice cream freezer dimensions are H 122 cm, W 68 cm, L 165 cm
Remember to order power where your freezer will be. Connect to 220 V, power 1,500 W.

Why not brand your ice cream selection with e.g. your company’s logo, your company’s departments, products being launched, etc. You can also brand the ice cream freezer – call for a quotation.

Bake-off oven SEK 1,795

Bake your own buns on your stand! Bake-off oven dimensions are H 59 cm, W 59 cm, D 55 cm. The oven requires at least 5 cm of space around it. Connect to 250 V. Power 3,000 W.

Cinnamon buns x 70 (85 g each) SEK 449


Coffee maker

20 cup filter coffee maker with hot plate. The machine is filled with one carafe of water per brew. No water installation is therefore required. Connect to 220 V. Power 390 W.

Price SEK 545

Coffee maker is supplied with 2 carafes, filter holder and filters.

arvid kaffe

Capsule machine

Unique new premium quality capsule system

A unique coffee machine and capsule concept. OneCup serves delicious drinks, quickly and easily, with four varieties of coffee plus hot chocolate and tea. The machine is part of the K-fee System range, designed and developed in Switzerland, and manufactured to high quality, reliable standards.

-simple, intuitive functions
-quick to heat up (20 seconds)
-turns off automatically 5 minutes after use
-high power ensures the right temperature
-automatic capsule emptying and built-in cleaning function
-easy to programme cup size according to taste
-19 bar brewing pressure, ensuring the correct pressure for the capsule
-capsules only work with K-fee System coffee machines.

Price: SEK 595

Power: 220-240 V ~50 Hz, max. 1,455 W
19 bar pressure
Weight: 4.5 kg
Dimensions (width/depth/height): 200 mm x 406 mm x 316 mm
Water tank: 3 litres

Coffee capsules 16 per box SEK 129

Available in two varieties: “The Good One” (espresso)
& “The Dark One” (dark roast)

For larger coffee machines, contact us for a quotation.

kapsel kaffe

Prices apply for the entire duration of the trade fair, with delivery the day before the trade fair opens, unless otherwise agreed.