• Rufus Wiena

Rufus Wiena

Magician Rufus Wiena will enchant you with his sleight of hand as he performs card tricks and mind-reading. Rufus is also one of the world’s finest ‘psychological’ illusionists – he can tell what you’re thinking! 

Rufus is a global artist, and all the world is his stage.
In 2009 he was crowned the Swedish card tricks champion, and in 2014 he came fourth in the European close-up magic championships.
Rufus has worked for Swedish companies such as Volvo, Mölnlycke Health Care and SEB, as well as for Tim Story (Hillary Clinton’s life coach), Andy Richer (US talk show announcer) and Pilar Rubio (model and wife of Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos).
Rufus made headlines with his popular show in connection with the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles last autumn, at which he entertained famous stars.
He has also appeared frequently on one of Spain’s most popular TV programmes, Menuda Noche.

See Rufus’ website for video clips and references.