King Size Shrimp Sandwich

King Size boom for Gothia Towers

– another record number of shrimp sandwiches sold!

The King Size, possibly Sweden’s most famous shrimp sandwich, continues to grow in popularity. During 2011, Gothia Towers sold 155,611 shrimp sandwiches – the highest number ever, and a two percent increase compared with the previous year.

King Size Shrimp Sandwich

Sales of the King Size are normally an indication of the state of the market, but despite the financial crisis and a drop in consumption, the number of shrimp sandwiches sold beat the previous year’s record with a total of 155,611. “We’re delighted to have beaten our record once again,” says Krister Dahl, Manager of Operations for Gothia Towers’ restaurants and captain of the Swedish Culinary Team. “We hope this is due to our growing reputation for serving one of Sweden’s very best shrimp sandwiches.”

The first shrimp sandwich at Gothia Towers was made in 1984. Each sandwich includes a full 200 grams of hand-peeled shrimps, which is why the King Size is so large and filling.

But what is it that makes the King Size shrimp sandwich so incredibly popular? According to Krister, the King Size has now become an institution and is renowned for its generous size, high quality ingredients and delicious bread.

Growth in the number of King Sizes sold:
2004: 63,882
2008: 145,026
2010: 152,349