Lego Towers

Gothia Towers becomes Lego Towers

– Sweden’s biggest Lego model?

A Lego model of the Gothia Towers of the future can now be found in the hotel lobby. Lego Towers – one of Sweden’s biggest and most impressive Lego structures – was officially unveiled on Friday 24 February at 13:00.

Lego Towers is 1.80 metres tall and three metres wide, making it one of Sweden’s biggest Lego models. It took six months to complete and is made up of 75,000 pieces of Lego – 10,000 of which are windows.

The man responsible for this feat of engineering was Johan Sahlström, an engineer at Volvo Trucks with a passion for Lego. He has more than a million Lego bricks at home, and visits various Lego exhibitions in Europe whenever he can to get inspiration for new Lego projects.

“This has been one of the most enjoyable models I’ve ever built,” he says, “especially since it represents something that will become reality in just a few years. I designed the towers using a CAD package for Lego, and the scale is accurate right down to the smallest detail.”

The model shows what Gothia Towers will look like on completion, by the beginning of 2015. It will then be Europe’s largest fully integrated hotel, exhibition and conference facility.

“This is a fantastic Lego model, and we’re extremely impressed at Johan’s skill and precision,” says Petter Ullberg, Business Area Manager Gothia Towers and Deputy Managing Director of the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre. “Now those of us who work here and our visitors of all ages can be inspired by this fantastic model of the future Gothia Towers.”

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