Meeting rooms on your terms.

Our flexible meeting rooms offer a wealth of possibilities for large and very large meetings.
Halls E, F, G and H can be used either individually or in combination with each other, and can be arranged to suit your particular meeting or event.

E Halls

Popular rooms for slightly larger meetings, product launches, parties, events and more. Here we have four stylish rooms with space for between 140 and 310 people, three of which can be combined to accommodate 500 guests. The light and airy lounge has its own entrance facing towards Scandinavium, and large expanses of glass looking onto the street. At 665 m2, this is the perfect space for informal gatherings for up to 400 people, with food, registration and exhibitions.


F halls
F Halls

Our F Halls are supremely flexible, with their own entrance and great views of Liseberg. There are six meeting rooms in total, with capacities of between 220 and 330 guests each. Best of all, the rooms can be combined with each other in many different ways.


G Halls

Here we have four rooms with space for between 220 and 370 people, some of which can be combined to create larger meeting spaces. The result is a popular venue for meetings, exhibitions and events. The total area is 2,500 m², giving enough space for up to 1,700 seated dinner guests.
Next door is a foyer space which is ideal for exhibitions, informal gatherings or catering.


H Halls

These are some of our most popular and flexible meeting spaces. Two meeting rooms – with space for 245 and 285 people – can easily be combined into one large room with a capacity of 500 people. Next door is Hall H, which is 1,400 m² in size – perfect for exhibitions and catering. The hall is particularly popular for product launches, being situated adjacent to the lifts.


The Expo Hall

The Expo Hall covers an area of 550 m², and boasts a fantastic panoramic view of Liseberg. It also has its own entrance, making it ideal for spectacular, exclusive events, parties, product launches and exhibitions. The Expo Hall is often used for exhibitions, informal gatherings or catering in connection with meetings in the F Halls.