Plenty of room for large crowds – or intimate gatherings.

We have conference venues for a total of 8,800 people in 60 rooms. Half of these can accommodate 120 seated guests or more. All our rooms have stages and can be adapted to suit your requirements. Our conference technicians are on hand to help.

We’re particularly proud of our Congress Hall. It normally seats more than 1,500 guests, but can also be transformed into a banqueting hall for 1,100. We simply raise the seating up into the ceiling.

But for the very biggest of groups, our world-class Hall C has space for 2,800 people. And if that’s not enough, our partner venue Scandinavium is right next door.

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Unique meeting rooms

Our unique meeting rooms

How about a conference on the 28th floor, with views of the entire city? Or maybe a meeting combined with a spa visit? You could even arrange a meeting with your own separate entrance. We can offer plenty of unique options for smaller meetings.




Conferences for up to 180 people

We have fixed conference rooms for 2 to 180 guests. But that’s not to say they aren’t flexible. Not only can the layout be adapted to suit the situation and your requirements, they can also be combined to accommodate larger groups and special events. Find out more below!



Flexible meeting rooms

Our flexible meeting rooms for 180-800 people

The bigger the meeting, the bigger the demands placed on the venue. Our rooms for medium and large meetings are extremely practical and fully equipped, and are also highly versatile. Halls E, F, G and H can be used individually, but can also be combined to create brand new spaces, which are also ideal for events and exhibitions.



The Congress Hall

The Congress Hall for 364-1,500 people

Our Congress Hall is a modern venue for larger conferences and meetings. There is seating for up to 1,500 people, a large stage with all the technology you need, dressing rooms and interpreting booths. But that’s not all – in just two hours we can transform the hall into a banqueting hall for 1,100 diners by raising the seating up into the ceiling. Add a spacious foyer with its own entrance and you have a unique, flexible, large capacity venue with perfect logistics.



Halls & Foyers

Halls and foyers for 300-6,000 people

As well as our meeting rooms and halls, we also offer foyers and large spaces that are often used for various kinds of exhibitions. But they are also ideal for large-scale events, banquets and gatherings. Hall B is more than 10,000 m² in size, making it perfect for the grandest of events, and the Congress Foyer and the J Lounge are excellent venues for catering and exhibitions.