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Pricing and additional video services

The hourly rate is 1 125 SEK per hour. For meetings longer than two hours the price is discounted. A fixed service fee of 1 125 SEK is added per meeting, the fee covers technical verification, support and administration.

Example: A one hour videoconference meeting from our facility at Gothia Towers to a private videoconferencing system would in total cost 2 250 SEK, excl VAT.

Coffee, tea and sparkling water are always included at no extra cost. Any other catering arrangement can be provided, upon request.

Additional video services

Gothia Towers videoconferencing room provides a studio-like environment that is very suitable for webcasts and recordings. A webcast can be used when you need to communicate with a large number of individuals at different locations.

It is also possible to webcast conferences from our larger meeting rooms. This way delegates that cannot participate on location can still follow the conference on the web. We can also help a speaker participating at your conference remotely.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions!