Video conferencing at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg

Let us arrange your next videoconference. Our state of the art videoconferencing studio is available for per hour hire. Let us take care of the technical aspects while you focus on your meeting.

We can connect to any make and model of videoconferencing equipment. If your counterpart doesn’t have their own equipment, we can help finding them a public videoconferencing facility as well. Through our network of more than 4 000 videoconferencing studios around the world, we can connect to almost all major cities.

Gothia Towers offers the videoconferencing service through a partnership with the videoconferencing producer Skiptrip. Skiptrip arranges the studios, certifies the communications, makes sure that the meeting starts on time and ensures a great experience for you and your attendees.

As the attendees arrive at the videoconferencing venue, everything is carefully prepared and ready. Not a single button to be pressed. If there is any need for assistance, Skiptrip’s helpdesk will assist you instantaneously.

Learn more at the Skiptrip website:
Video conferencing facility Gothenburg >>


To book a videoconference, please contact Gothia Towers:
Phone: +46 (0)31-708 83 90

Please provide the following information:
    • Time and date.
    • Cities to connect.
    • If you need to rent a room at the other end also.

We will then provide you with a complete offer for all venues within 24 hours.