Safety & security

Naturally, safety and security are key considerations when choosing a venue. There a number of important factors that need to work in harmony in order to ensure a successful event. Poor levels of safety and security are something that can ruin even the best-planned meeting.

Here at Gothia Towers, we have always prioritised investing in safety and security in order to comply with international requirements. The tools we use are knowledge, technology and procedures. We have experience of hosting major events with high levels of security, and we have established highly effective cooperation with the police, the security police and the fire and rescue services. The premises are patrolled around the clock, and defibrillators are available. Our extensive safety and security programme involves training our staff in defibrillation, fire safety, evacuation and incident management.

We are one of only three hotels in Sweden to be certified in accordance with both Safehotels Premium Level and the Swedish Fire Protection Association’s standards.
For more information on our security work, contact:
Inger Hansson, Security Manager, Gothia Towers
Phone: +46 (0)31-750 88 25