Entertainment & activities

Build your team!

A great way of getting a group of people to work well together is to let them play together. That’s why fun group activities are the perfect complement to the serious content of a conference.

Here at Gothia Towers, we can organise a variety of activities for groups of all sizes. We can arrange tickets for entertainment events in town, or we can even help you to stage your very own entertainment.

We can book artists or put you in touch with our contacts. We’ll get you tickets to sporting events or arrange a champagne sabrage ceremony on the rooftop above our cocktail bar, Heaven 23. We also have creative chefs and expert sommeliers, and can help you to find inspiring speakers.

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Our activities

Delectable oysters!

Our oyster opening activity is held at West Coast, Gothia Towers’ newest restaurant. You’ll find out all about our fantastic oysters – and of course try them, too. West Coast captures the spirit of Sweden’s west coast, with a market hall feel and a focus on local, sustainable produce. In other words, a tribute to the west coast itself!
Suitable for groups of 8-25 people.

Sky-high sabrage

Sabrage is the most spectacular way of all to open a bottle of champagne. Let one of our expert sommeliers guide you and the rest of your group through the art of opening a bottle of champagne using a sabre – 70 metres above sea level, on the rooftop above Heaven 23. You’ll also find out about the fascinating history of the tradition, and of course try for yourself if you want!
For groups of up to 15 people.

Drinks tasting

Not only is a drinks tasting session a good way of spending time together and creating a sense of community, it also provides inspiration and new knowledge. Bring your colleagues, friends or customers along, and try wine, whisky, rum or various liqueurs. Let our expert sommeliers be your guides.

Chocolate tasting

Everyone loves chocolate, and chocolate tasting is the ideal activity for work colleagues or customers. In association with Berzelii Choklad, we can offer an inspiring talk, chocolate tasting or a chocolate buffet.
Suitable for groups of 10-20 people.

For more information, please contact us:

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