Troubadour/piano entertainment

The definition of a troubadour is “a singer, songwriter and composer who usually performs solo, singing songs and ballads”.

We offer a wide range of musical entertainment to suit all requirements. When it comes to troubadours we can offer various solutions and all manner of fantastic artists in different formats. For example, how about a guitar and vocals, piano and vocals, or an intimate trio to ensure the perfect atmosphere for your event.

A troubadour or pianist can play at your stand to create a wonderful atmosphere without taking too much of the focus away from your business. Or why not have a musician to accompany drinks, an after-work gathering or after-dinner coffee? The possibilities are almost endless. We’ll help you to find the right choice to meet your needs.


The price varies depending on the venue booked, the size of the stage and the technology required.
The price always includes artists’ fees, stage, technology and technicians, together with board and any accommodation for artists.
Prices from: SEK 10,100
Contact us for a quotation.
All prices exclude VAT.

Vill du ha en trubadur eller pianist till tex fördrinken på Julfesten i East Banquetting Hall (middagsittning för 350-1000 personer)? Kontakta oss för ett paketpris tillsammans med ert bokade Showpaket (Small, Medium eller Large).

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