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Room service

Gothia Towers offers 24-hour service. Once you’ve checked in as a guest, you can choose from a wide range of restaurants without having to leave the hotel.

Breakfast in your room

Enjoy a relaxed, delicious breakfast in bed.
Fill in the order form in your room and hang it on the outside of your door before 01:00 the night before, and we’ll arrange for breakfast to be brought to your room.



Our Twentyfourseven restaurant is always open, ensuring that you can get the best possible service. The focus is on filling sandwiches. At Twentyfourseven, we have created various different environments where all our guests can feel welcome. We can deliver our full selection to your room between 14:00 and midnight, every day of the week. The room service charge is SEK 95 (the service charge is included in our room categories Sky and Suite). Call +46 (0)31-750 88 33 for room service, or come down to Twentyfourseven in the hotel lobby.