Evert – the house lobster


My name is Evert, and – as you may have already guessed – I’m a lobster. They call me the Gothia Towers house lobster and I like that – not everyone gets to be a house lobster! I live here in my saltwater aquarium at the West Coast restaurant.
I weigh about 4 kg, which is a lot for a lobster. I’m almost 25 years old, making me middle-aged in lobster years, and I’m actually Danish. My favourite food of all is blue mussels, but I also like prawns and cod. I get served these delicacies once a month, which is just right – you shouldn’t rush your food.

I don’t have any lobster companions – I’m not keen on sharing my aquarium, and certainly not with another lobster! I prefer my own company. That way, I can watch the guests in peace.

Lobstery wishes,


Lobster facts:
  • An adult male usually sheds his shell every year, growing 15 mm in length in the process. A female normally sheds her shell every other year.
  • A lobster can live for at least 60 years.
  • A lobster grows to a length of 22-70 cm and can weigh up to 3-5 kg, although lobsters weighing more than 1 kg are relatively uncommon.
  • One of the claws is bigger than the other, and is used for functions such as defence and crushing shells. The other claw is much more slender and easier to manoeuvre: a “scissor claw”.
  • Lobsters are found in the Skagerrak, Kattegat and northern Öresund sounds. They prefer the firm beds of shallow waters, and like to be able to retreat into a small cave or some other form of shelter.