Donate your free night

Donate your free night to people in need in Gothenburg!

Fotograf: Ulrika Olsson

Photo: Ulrika Olsson

As part of our CSR work, we have decided to get involved in local projects in order to monitor their work at close quarters.

We support Gothenburg Rescue Mission by sponsoring one of their field workers, Robban. Robban and his colleagues work in the city during the evenings and at night, helping and supporting people who often live outside of society.

Our loyal guests can now contribute towards their work by donating their free night. For every card donated, Gothia Towers will give Gothenburg Rescue Mission SEK 500.

Send your fully stamped and signed loyalty card to:
Gothia Towers
Anna-Lena Svensson
Box 5184
402 26 Göteborg

Thank you for your contribution!

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