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World-class flexibility!

When you choose us as your stand supplier, you’ll also get:

  • Peace of mind – we´re on site throughout the entire project
  • Quick delivery – our warehouse is in the same building
  • All orders from a single supplier
  • Your stand is ready on the first day of moving in, at no extra cost

Not only can we help you with an exceptional stand, we can also help with every other aspect of your visit to the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre:

  • Hotel
  • Restaurants
  • Meeting rooms
  • All under one roof, in the heart of Gothenburg!

Svenska Mässans Design Solutions

I will help you!
  • Patrik - +46 31-708 81 18
  • Niklas - +46 31-708 81 41
  • Patrik - +46 31-708 81 18