• Projektledning

The latest meeting and event technology are available from our in-house department as; presentation equipment, network systems, filming and streaming, AV, sound, lighting, show packages and much more.

Together with our technicians, we suggest the perfect technical solution to suit your needs: large screen projectors, wireless microphones, camera solutions, extra lighting, recording, etc. Our technicians know what works well at our venues, and everything will be ready to use when your event begins.

If you’re thinking about using an external technology supplier, please let us know. In that way, we can give you a quotation for comparison if you would like, but we can also help coordinating and providing details associated with the venue (rig hire, electricity, anchoring points, etc.). For security reasons, our staff must always be present when other technology suppliers are working at our premises, and will be charged for in accordance with current hourly rates.

Some of our technical packages (PDF) >>