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Gothenburg – a city made for meetings

The city of Gothenburg has extensive experience in hosting and organizing large and small meetings and events. A well developed and functioning network between cities, universities, businesses and organizations enables fast and professional turnkey solutions. In Gothenburg, there is walking distance between meeting venues, hotels, restaurants, shops and entertainment. Here you find world famous brands, leading industries and universities.

The meeting experience is enhanced by the wide range of culture, entertainment and outdoor activities both in town as the archipelago.

The Gothenburg advantages include:

  • Experienced
  • Easily accessible
  • Walking distance
  • Attractive
  • Sustainable
  • Affordable

Read more about Gothenburg as a meeting location on the website of Gothenburg Convention Bureau >>

Gothenburg – Destination video from Göteborg / Gothenburg on Vimeo.

Matador praises Gothenburg as a second city (July 1, 2014)

THE BIGGEST CITY in a country always seems to get the most attention, and while tourists flock in droves to these “first cities,” it takes a traveler with a slightly different agenda to skip them (and thereby many of the iconic sites the country is known for) and head to the second cities instead. The fifth largest city of the Nordic countries, Gothenburg, Sweden, is home to over half a million people and one of the largest football tournaments in the world, the Gothia Cup. As a “gamma” level global city, it has earned its place on the world stage for its advantageous trade location, noteworthy manufacturing industry, and innovation (ranked 12th worldwide by Forbes, 2013).