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The beneficial effects of exercise at the whole-body level are numerous, with adaptive responses occurring in many organs and protecting against metabolic diseases, such as obesity and type 2 diabetes. During this Cell Symposium, we will delve into the fascinating mechanistic and physiological complexities of exercise biology at the cellular, tissue, and systemic levels and explore how exercise improves human health, including in disease settings and during aging. We will also look at how genetics and epigenetics influence the metabolic responses to exercise and discuss the potential implications for the coming age of precision medicine.


  • Integrated omics and the adaptive response to exercise
  • Genetics, Epigenetics and Precision Medicine
  • Exercise in Disease and Aging
  • Systemic mediators of exercise-induced health benefits
  • Exercise Mimetics


Keynote Speakers: Eric Olson, USA. Leslie Leinwand, USA

Fredrik Backhed, Sweden. Ron Evans, USA. Mark Febbraio, Australia. Martin Gibala, Canada. Bret Goodpaster, USA. John Hawley, Australia.- David James, Australia. Michael Joyner, USA. Wendy Kohrt, USA. Luc van Loon, Netherlands. Ruth Loos, USA. Satchin Panda, USA. Henriette Pilegaard, Denmark. Anthony Rosenzweig, USA. Jorge Ruas, Sweden. Bruce Spiegelman, USA. Kristin Stanford, USA. Cora Weigert, Germany. Juleen Zierath, Sweden

Organizers: John Hawley, Australian Catholic University, Australia. Juleen Zierath, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden. Anne Granger, Senior Scientific Editor,Cell Metabolism. Angela Messmer-Blust, Senior Scientific Editor, Conferences, Cell Press

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