A never-ending process

Since 2001, Gothia Towers has worked actively with an internal quality assurance system called Quality Check System, or QCS. This tool enables us to regularly measure the quality of our services and products, such as hotel rooms, restaurants and other public spaces – both internally and externally.

The system is based on a points system and clear target descriptions. Measurements are carried out on a daily basis, and the results are used to update our procedures continually, in order to maintain the quality level.

In 2014 we took the next step in an attempt to increase the quality level even more, by creating the position Guest Relations Manager. Our goal is to guarantee that we continue to meet our guests’ high demands and expectations.

In addition to our Guest Relations Manager, we also have Guest Ambassadors. This means that one of our department managers has one week during the year when they are responsible for quality and monitors operations from a guest’s point of view. The Guest Ambassador also observes and analyses operations from a quality perspective, in order to achieve the level of hosting that the organization strives to provide.

The following quality reviews are carried out on a regular basis for quality assurance purposes:

  • Internal QCS (Quality Check System)
  • Telephone survey
  • Employee survey
  • World Hotels
  • Safe Hotels
  • Quality measurement
  • Safety evaluation

We work constantly to keep improving the hotel and the service we offer. It is therefore essential that we receive continuous feedback from our guest. We use Loopon’s survey which is send to our guests e-mail after check-out. Our Guest Relations Manager is reading all the surveys we receive and delegates the information to the department managers. In event of any complains we contact the guest to discuss a solution.