Exclusive indoor VIP première at The Theatre, Gothia Towers on 18 June

Diggiloo is Sweden’s biggest touring summertime event, featuring some of the country’s most popular artists, musicians and dance acts. It promises to be an unforgettable evening, bursting with new hits, old favourites, and plenty of fun and laughter. This sparkling show is a celebration of summer.

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The Theatre at Gothia Towers

The Theatre is neither a theatre or a restaurant. It's something bigger. Much bigger. The closest equivalent to The Theatre is probably across the Atlantic – in a certain neon city in the desert. You'll see what we mean as soon as you step through the entrance. The interior is planned down to the tiniest detail. Everything is in perfect harmony, from the carefully composed dining menus to the stage sets and show. The atmosphere is electric. Charged with excitement. Anticipation. Nothing is impossible. At The Theatre, you decide how spectacular you want your Dinner Show to be.
Have a drink with the star of the evening in his private suite. Enjoy gourmet menus specially created by Krister Dahl, four-time Culinary Olympic gold medallist. Or combine a meal at one of our other restaurants with a show and up to 5 star hotel accommodation. Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed professional service of top international class and many unforgettable memories. The arena is already gaining a reputation as Europe's greatest entertainment complex. We simply call it The Theatre.

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    Labero Inferno 2014
    8 NOV-20 DEC
  • The Theatre view
    The Theatre
    at Gothia Towers
  • The Theatre - Lounge
    Labero Inferno 2014
    8 NOV-20 DEC