Get yourself a Gothenburg City Card when you come to Gothenburg! You will get the best town has to offer in just one card.
The card includes free entrance to Liseberg Amusement Park, Universeum Discovery Centre, free entrance to many museums, free parking and public travel, great shopping deals and much more.

You can buy the Gothenburg City Card here at Gothia Towers as well as many other hotels.


24 h: SEK 285
48 h: SEK 395
72 h: SEK 565 (only via Gothenburg Tourist Centre)

24 h: SEK 175
48 h: SEK 275
72 h: SEK 375 (only via Gothenburg Tourist Centre)

*City Card Children is valid for the family’s children under 17 years.
Children under 3 years have free admission to Universeum. Liseberg have free admission for children under the height of 110 cm.

For more information about Gothenburg City Cars, please visit Göteborg & CO´s homepage:

Photo: Dick Gillberg/